Best practices for trigger campaigns.


This applies to all Marketo users who are utilizing trigger campaigns in their marketing activities.


Marketo's trigger campaigns are designed to monitor every relevant activity, even if it doesn't immediately meet certain constraints or filters. For example, if there are 10 active Clicked Email Campaigns and 100 leads engage with an email, each lead will be evaluated 10 times to check if they qualify for a trigger. In this example that would lead to 1000 evaluations total. This happens even if they don't meet the criteria due to certain filters or constraints.

To make your trigger evaluation process quicker and more efficient, follow these best practices:

1. Deactivate any trigger campaigns that are no longer needed. This reduces the number of active monitors that could potentially activate trigger event evaluations.

   Note: Marketo automatically deactivates smart campaigns that have been dormant (no lead triggers them) for 6 months or more on a quarterly basis. However, you can manually deactivate campaigns whenever necessary.

2. Convert Trigger campaigns to Batch campaigns if immediate responses are not required. This is particularly useful for activities or campaigns that can run overnight. Batch campaigns operate on a separate component of Marketo's processors, meaning they won't impact the speed of Trigger qualifier processes.


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