Also see: Enabling Asset Discovery - Marketo Docs - Marketo User Manual

Steps to fix:

  1. Verify the RTP tag exists on the page
  2. Verify there are no any jQuery / Javascript / Other errors in the Developers Console
  3. Login to your account and go to the 'Account Settings' panel > make sure the 'Assets' toggle is switched to On
  4. In the 'Account Settings', go to the 'Assets' tab and make sure the URL patterns configuration are valid
  5. Select an asset in 'Assets' tab and click on link to check if click count increases and capturing you as the visitor. (see note 2)


  1. Don't forget to add wildcards (*) in your URL patterns, otherwise it will only cover the exact page you inserted:  won't match:
  2. This step doesn't work with PDF files, simply because the rtp js tag is not installed on PDFs.
    In addition, the click event listener doesn't work on the back office, so only if it is an HTML page and you are viewing it (while rtp is running in the background) you should see the counter changes.