When I go to the Support area of Nation, I do not have full access to all the areas and tools.



Our system is specific about how you need to access the Support Portal before we can authorize you to use it.

The proper steps to take for us to authorize, and for you to submit cases, are as follows:

  • Log into your instance
  • Click the Community tile (step 1 image)
  • Click Support in the top banner (step 2 image)
  • Click Submit a Case option (step 3 image)
  • Choose from top options depending on what you need to do (step 4 image)
  • Create a case, Manage authorized contacts, edit your Info


Simply going straight to the will not have the desired result. You must access the Support Portal from your instance by using these steps so that our system recognizes you properly. If this is your first time following these steps, your view of Step 3 will be different- not to worry, as that will be updated for you manually.

Step 1

Portal Step 1.png
Step 2
Portal Step 2.png


Step 3
Portal Step 3.png

Step 4
Portal Step 4.png


If you experience issues, please email