Success Path Analyzer Conv % vs RCE Conversion Ratio (all types)


Issue Description
Even though the Success Path Analyzer and the RCE report may be looking at the same thing (e.g the conversions from one stage to another), the numbers in Success Path Analyzer and RCE Conversion Ratio will not match.


Issue Resolution
Success Path Analyzer is telling you that records are flowing from one stage to another, for example a record moving from Cold List to MQL, the conversion rate will display the rate from this stage to the next stage. If you look at the RCE Conversion Ratio, this is not tracking just the conversion from the first stage on the Success Path Analyzer to the second but instead this tracks all the conversions from this stage to another (eg. Cold List to MQL, Cold List to Attempting). Thus resulting in a much higher conversion percentage as the RCE is not bound to the green path from the Success Path Analyzer.

Who This Solution Applies To
Customers using RCE, Customers using Success Path Analyzer