Smart List is including leads that should be excluded

Issue Description

You have a Smart List that should exclude a group of leads from a campaign, but they still show up in the Qualified Leads list


Issue Resolution

Check the filter logic for your Smart Lampaign. "Or" logic allows leads that only qualify for some but not all of the filters to be included in the membership.  For example, you could have a Smart List with the following filters.

  1. SFDC Type = Contacts
  2. Unsubscribed = False (You are trying to exclude unsubscribed leads)
  3. Visited Webpage -


If you use the following Advanced logic - "(1 or 2) and 3" - you will still have unsubscribed leads showing up in the list because they are Contacts, and the logic says they can be either Contacts or Unsubscribed = False.  They only need to satisfy one of the two filters to qualify, and an unsubscribed Contact would go through.


There is a blog post that goes into more detail on this.  Smart List Logic - How many people do you want in your club?

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