Smart List Error - Could not evaluate rule 1 (SFDC Campaign 'Campaign Name' not found)

Issue Description
The Issue

When using the Filter 'Member of SFDC Campaign' in the Smart List and checking the people tab to see which records are qualified, this message occurs:

Could not evaluate rule 1 (SFDC Campaign 'Campaign Name' not found) 

Note: it may state could not evaluate rule # - # can be any number, if the filter is number 5.  # will equal 5

Issue Resolution
The Fix

Ensure the that the SFDC Campaign being referenced in the Smart List is an ACTIVE campaign

The Why

This error occurs due to the SFDC Campaign not being an active campaign in SFDC.

You may be wondering "then why can I select the SFDC campaign in the drop down?"

This is because the Smart List Filter specifically 'Member of SFDC Campaign' similar to 'Has Opportunity' filter reference a backend table in Marketo.

This backend table is updated when a SFDC Campaign is removed or renamed.

Therefore, Marketo does not directly perform an API call to check if the campaign is selectable, but rather uses the backend table as reference.

One way to check in Marketo if the SFDC Campaign is active is to check the 'Added to SFDC Campaign' Trigger in a Smart Campaign's Smart List as that dropdown will only show active campaigns.

Who This Solution Applies To
Customers integrated with Salesforce