Smart Campaign Status: Set to Affect Around N/A Existing People


When you go to schedule a Smart Campaign, the Status tab says it is "set to affect about N/A people" instead of showing the actual number of leads that should go through the campaign.


There are two probable causes for this

  • There is an error in the Smart List. If the Smart List references another nested Smart List, the error may be in the secondary Smart List, so you may need to drill down when you check this.
  • The Smart Campaign has a Smart List in it with the same name. For example, if the Smart Campaign were named "EMEA Networking" but it also contained a Smart List named "EMEA Networking", it would cause the list processor to give this error. Making one of the names slightly different - "EMEA Networking Smart List" - should resolve this issue.

If you have tried both options and are still unable to get the affected leads count to resolve, please contact Marketo Support with the results of the above troubleshooting and we will investigate further.

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