SFDC Activity History Shows Message: [Email Details Are Being Uploaded from Marketo…Please Check Back Later]


Activity History in Saleforce shows this message: [Email details are being uploaded from Marketo...please check back later] when emails are sent out from the Marketo Outlook Plugin.




This message is created because of insufficient privileges for the Marketo sync user inside of SFDC. There is a permission for “Edit HTML Templates” that needs to be enabled for the sync user in order to prevent this problem from occurring.


When you send an email using the Marketo Outlook plugin, it is sent through the user's Exchange server rather than Marketo's email servers. Many users have an email signature that is automatically added to the email. This adds additional HTML to the email, which does not match the template already in Salesforce Sales Insight.

Normally, Marketo would create a new template which Salesforce could then display in a link in the Activity History. However, in this case, the Marketo sync user does not have the necessary permissions, so this error results.

To fix this, enable the "Edit HTML Templates" permissions to your Marketo Sync User.


Who This Solution Applies To
Customer who are using Sales Insight for Salesforce and Outlook



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