You try to send a sample of an email and receive a notice that the send sample failed.




There are two token-related reasons that Send Sample may fail:
  • You may have an invalid value for a token in your email. If there is an incorrect token value, the send sample will not work.

Example: If you have the token for first name written like this {{lead.FirstName:default=Hello}}, when you try to approve the email Marketo will let you know that the token value is incorrect. The correct token value is  {{lead.First Name:default=Hello}}. For this example if you change the token value to {{lead.First Name:default=Hello}}, Marketo will allow you to approve the email and it will allow you to do a send sample.

  • You may have a token in the From or Reply-To line that is not populating with an email address

Example: If you have a token in the Reply-To like this one, {{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}, then the Send Sample using the default will have "edit me" in the Reply-To, which is not an email address.  Marketo cannot send an email without a Reply-To email address, so the Send Sample will fail.


If any of the above does not apply, run the following tests and provide the information to Marketo Support

  • Clone the email in question and test to send as a sample
  • Create a new email and test to send as a sample
  • Send the email via a live campaign or a single flow step to a test lead