Scoring Tweets in Marketo with "Salesforce for Twitter"

If you have Salesforce for Twitter installed, you can use its fields to trigger campaigns in Marketo.  One great use for this is to target campaigns at users of social media applications.

Install the app:

First, you need to install the Salesforce for Twitter AppExchange package -- it's free!  It takes some effort to install, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully [pdf].

As part of the installation, the package adds a new field to your account called "Twitter Username."  When you create or associate a lead with Twitter via the app, the Twitter Username is updated.  Follow the instructions with the Salesforce for Twitter app to learn how to do that.

Once you've gone through the steps of setting up your leads' and contacts' Twitter usernames, any new tweets they make will be added to a Twitter Conversation.

Syncing the Twitter Conversations:

Now you'll need to sync the Twitter Conversations object for your leads and contacts. Back in Marketo, go to the Salesforce page in the Admin section and open the Sync Object tab. Click the Refresh Schema button to reload your custom Salesforce objects.

After your schema reloads, click the Twitter Conversation object under Lead on the right. Click on it's name in the center of the screen and rename it to Twitter Conversation (L). Click Save when you're done.

Now click Enable Sync in the menu bar.

A dialog will appear asking you to temporarily disable your Salesforce sync. Click Disable Global Sync. We'll re-enable this when finished.

In the next dialog, click Enable Sync to start syncing this object into Marketo.

Next, click on the Edit Visible Fields button.

In the dialog that appears, find the sf4twitter__Content__c field and check the Trigger box for that row. When you're done, click Save.

Repeat the process for your Contact objects, renaming the object to Twitter Conversation (C)and enabling the sf4twitter__Content__c field in your trigger, as you did for the Lead version above.

When you're finished, go to the Salesforce tab and click Enable Sync.

Scoring tweets

In the Marketing Activites tab, create a new Smart Campaign to score your tweets. In the Smart List, trigger on Added to Twitter Conversation (L) and add a constraint Content contains [your company name].  Do the same for Added to Twitter Conversation (C)

In the flow, you can take any action you'd like, such as sending an alert or creating an interesting moment. In this example, we'll give the lead +5 points to their lead score:

In the schedule tab, set the campaign to run every time. When you're done, activate the campaign

From now on, any tweet from a lead or contact containing your company name will be scored.

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