Salesforce Lead Layout is Stretched due to Original Referrer

If your lead page layout is incorrectly formatted because the Original Referrer field is too wide or long, follow these steps to correct it. You'll need administrator rights in your Salesforce account.


The following solution will not work in SFDC Professional Edition because it involves removing a Marketo field from the SFDC page layout.

In short, you'll create a new custom field in SFDC, then use a formula field to shorten the Original Referrer field instead of the original standard Marketo field.

  1. Click on Setup
  2. Under App Setup, click on Leads, click on Fields
  3. Click on New to create a new custom field
  4. Under Data Type: select Formula and click on Next
  5. Enter Field label and name (perhaps call it "Original_Referrer_c")
  6. Under Formula Return Type, select Text and click on Next
  7. Click on Advance Formula Tab
  8. Enter the following bold text into the large text box:
    HYPERLINK(mkto71__Original_Referrer__c,LEFT( mkto71__Original_Referrer__c , 140))


Note: The above formula takes the first 140 characters of the original field (mkto2__Original_Referrer__c) and display it to the 'new" field you're creating. Then, it takes the COMPLETE value from the original field and turns it into a hyper link.