Revenue Cycle Explorer - Setting up your instance for Program, Opportunity, and Revenue Cycle reporting

Issue Description
You wish to use all features of Revenue Explorer reporting and need to set up your instance to pass the necessary information to RCE

Issue Resolution
In order to use all the features of Revenue Explorer, the following tasks should be completed. Each one notes the report type it applies to.

1.) Set relevant Channel Tags Analytics Behavior as 'Inclusive (regardless of Period Cost)'

  • (all RCE analysis areas)

2.) Review and establish appropriate statuses and successes for relevant Channel Tags

  • (Opportunity Analysis; Program Membership Analysis; Program Opportunity Analysis; Program Cost Analysis)

3.) Ensure that the appropriate statuses are being set within the Marketing Programs' smart campaign flow. In other words, based on certain actions, changing the assigned program statuses to leads in some unified manner to ensure Success statuses are set for programs of the same Program Tag/Channel Tag.

  • (Opportunity Analysis; Program Membership Analysis; Program Opportunity Analysis; Program Cost Analysis)

4.) Assign Program Tags to programs to ensure accurate data in reporting. You can even assign past programs with current Tags, and the data will be made available to Revenue Explorer (bearing in mind the 24 hour sync delay of data)

  • (Email Analysis; Program Membership Analysis; Program Cost Analysis; Program Opportunity Analysis; Program Revenue Stage Analysis)

5.)Assign Period Costs to Marketing Programs based on the cost it takes to run the program.

  • (Program Cost Analysis; Program Revenue Stage Analysis; Program Opportunity Analysis)

6.) Build a Revenue Cycle Model that reflects the flow of your business -

  • (Model Performance Analysis (Companies); Model Performance Analysis (Leads); Program Revenue Stage Analysis)

Complete the steps that apply to the types of reporting you are interested in. For example, if you would be interested in using Program Cost Analysis, then you would want to complete steps:1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to get the full capabilities from the tool. If you were interested in Program Membership Analysis, you would complete steps: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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