Revenue Cycle Explorer Data Does Not Match Smart Lists


Revenue Cycle Explorer Data is not accurate comparing to Smart lists or other areas of Marketo.


The data inside of Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE) can be different from Marketo and can raise concern. However there is a couple reasons the data may not match 100%!
  • The data date range is within last 24 hours.
    • Revenue Cycle Explorer utilizes an proccess which replicates the data to a dedicated Database just for running RCE reports. This proccess runs during the middle of the night to replicate the data, so the most recent the data would be is from the night before or early morning!


  • The data measure is looking at different data type or defining it in a different manner.
    • The name of a measure is only part of the story. While 2 measures may have the same name, the way the data is calculated can be different between the two! You can find a deeper confirmation of what exactly is being measured or detailed by one of two ways.
      • Right click on the Measure or Attribute & choose Properties. The Properties window will give you an additional data under Description. A alternate option is if you already have the Measure or Attribute on the report, you can right clic on it and choose "Tell me about..." and it will provide an explanation of the Measure or Attribute and how we are calculating it.
      • Mouse over the Measure or Attribute, this will show an hover text showing the details of what and how its being measured or analyzed. OR


  • Revenue Cycle Explorer will see all leads and does not filter out leads by work-space visibility. So leads from other workspaces may show in your analytics if not filtered out!


  • Deleted leads still can show for up to 24 hours, due to the afformentioned data replication cycle.


There are other reasons data may be different, feel free to reach out to Marketo Support for further details or investigation!