Building a Smart List or Report for Merge Activities within time frame


You're looking to have a Smart List or Report built to gather insights on what merges, if any, took place within your database over a given time frame.


Smart List


Marketo doesn't have native capabilities to report on Merge activities that take place within your database, either via Smart List filters or within the Analytics section of Marketo. This is due to the activity type surrounding the merging of leads, Merge Leads, not being an attribute available for filters or reporting. The only way to go about getting a sort of list or report of the various merges that took place is to utilize the self-service Bulk Activity API endpoint and filter/specify the desired timeframe that you're wanting to look at. Please partner/consult with your Developer to go about building the job necessary to accommodate this. Below are two resources available on our Marketo Developer site to assist and offer guidance as needed.

Bulk Activity Extract documentation
Bulk Activity Extract endpoint reference(s)

Root Cause

Marketo doesn't offer the ability to filter off the Activity Type of Merge Leads.