Removing Unsubscribe Text from the "Admin > Email" Section

Issue Description

If the text is removed from the "Unsubscribe" text at the Admin level, will this immediately apply to every email in Marketing Activities or, will Marketo ask you to re-approve each email once this "Unsubscribe" text has officially been removed?

Issue Resolution
Title - Remove Unsubscribe Text From the"Admin -

If you remove the text at the Admin level (as per the documentation), this will immediately apply to all emails created (including: active, inactive). You are not required to re-approve your previously approved emails once this change has been saved in the Admin -> Email settings.

All pre-existing emails will replace the default "Unsubscribe" text at the bottom of all emails, after changes have been saved in Admin -> Email settings. 

After removing the default "Unsubscribe" text from emails, you should replace it with a Custom Unsubscribe option.  This is in order to remain compliant with the Can-Spam Act.