Record Meets Filter Criteria, Trigger Campaign Not Triggering

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You are testing a new Trigger campaign, and your test records are meeting the Filters, but the campaign is still not triggering from the testing.


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A likely reason that Marketo records do not process through Trigger Campaigns (with >1 Filters) when the record is performs the Trigger Action is because the record does not meet the Filter criteria.


Records must have the Filter attributes established prior to the Trigger Action occurring.


For Trigger Campaigns that are not triggering records because there is a delay in the Filter Attributes having the necessary data, Support will generally recommend a daily recurring Batch Campaign with the same Flow to catch and process those records that fall through the cracks, but there's another suggestion I could give you:

turning filters into Remove from Flow flowsteps!


Trigger Campaigns happen real time, but occasionally, a daily batch campaign is too long of a wait.

But the purpose of this alternative workaround is to allow the attribute data be written on the records, but not to wait so long for the daily Batch Campaign to run.




For example:


You have a Trigger Campaign, with filters:

[attribute] is True


1) Then you can take this Filter, remove it from the Smart List and turn it into a Remove from Flow flowstep with a choice:


Remove from Flow: if [attribute] is False, then Remove from This Campaign.



2) This Remove from Flow flowstep will need to follow a Wait Step. The Wait Step needs to be long enough to allow the necessary Filter Attribute data to be written on the Marketo Record. So if the Filter Attribute Data comes through to the record about 45 minutes after the Trigger Action, then the first Flow Step should be Wait 1 hour.


There's a 1:1 ratio for number of filters turned to number of Remove from Flow flowsteps. If there were 4 filters it would be turned into 4 flowsteps with the negative logic (shown in the above example) to then filter out records.


3) Finally, after the Remove from Flow flowsteps, the same Flow Steps will be used to carry out the desired actions on the record.



It's a little complex, but it's a nice middle ground between Trigger, and Daily Recurring Batch.


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