Record has Opportunity in Marketo but not in Salesforce


Why does the record in Marketo have an Opportunity when its matching synced Contact in Salesforce does not have an Opportunity?


The Contact in Salesforce has an Opportunity Contact Role associated with an Opportunity that belongs to other Contacts.

Since "Marketo associates Opportunities and contacts using Opportunity Contact Roles.", Marketo syncs down the Opportunity for the record has it has an Opportunity Contact Role associated with it.

If the Opportunity is needed to be removed from the record in Marketo, then:

  1. The Opportunity will first need to be deleted in SFDC.
  2. The visibility of the role value that is not the primary owner of the Opportunities will need to be removed from the Marketo Sync User.
  3. Re-create the Opportunity so that it can be associated to the primary owner.


Who This Solution Applies To
Customers who has Salesforce integrated to Marketo

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