Record Failed to Sync to Salesforce with a Field Validation Error


A record in Marketo failed to sync to Salesforce due to a Field Validation error.  Errors may include the following:
  • INVALID_OR_NULL_FOR_RESTRICTED_PICKLIST: bad value for restricted pick list field.


The lead was unable to sync to Salesforce because the value for a specific required field was missing or did not match the rules Salesforce had for the data in the field.  For example, the field in Salesforce could be a picklist and the value Marketo is trying to pass in the field is not in the picklist.  Salesforce always requires a Last Name and a Company Name value for all records, so if your lead is missing data in these fields, the sync will fail.

To resolve this, check Salesforce to see what the acceptable values are for the field specified in the error, and make sure the Marketo record has the necessary information.  If you need further assistance with this, we recommend working with your SFDC Admin to determine why Salesforce is rejecting the record.

This commonly happens when 
Country/State picklist is enabled on your SFDC instance. As a consequence, SFDC will reject any record with country/state value does not belong to the list and so you will have to make sure that countries are set correctly everywhere in Marketo, and especially:

  • in forms
  • in data management campaigns
  • in imports

For example, if you try to pass the value "New York" to Salesforce, it will not be accepted. Salesforce will only accept "NY". The error messages you're seeing are coming from Salesforce because the State fields have been standardized to only accept certain pick-list values. In order to get these records to sync with Salesforce you'll need to update them to have valid values. Contact your SFDC Admin to get the list of accepted values for that field and update the record in Marketo with the appropriate value that is accepted by SFDC.

If you feel like pick list is not necessary on SFDC, you could just disable the state or country pick lists in SFDC by following the below document



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