An Event Program in Marketo connected with ReadyTalk has some members with the status of "Registration Error" and a Status Reason of "Error registering with webinar provider. exception='Ready Talk API call error: ERROR -> HTTP Code ='403". The LaunchPoint connection in the Admin area may also show this error.


This error is an API call that Marketo is getting back from ReadyTalk, and will apply to the individual record that encounters the error but doesn't impact subsequent records that are attempted to be synced. Additionally the LaunchPoint page displays the status of last API call and, if it failed, it displays that information there, but the error will go away when subsequent registrations are successful.

This error can be caused by any of the following:
  • Meeting is in a closed state - this can occur when either people try to register after the event is complete, or the date and time of the meeting is changed in ReadyTalk without using the "Refresh from Webinar Provider" feature in Marketo
  • Meeting is cancelled.
  • First name, last name, or email address is missing on the registration form.
  • The format of a registrants email is invalid. (This usually occurs when a registrant enters something like .con instead of .com)
  • The meeting title length is invalid, it must be between 1 and 300 characters.
  • First name field exceeds 125 characters.
  • Last name field exceeds 125 characters.
  • The answer provided in a registration field exceeds 255 characters (i.e. Title, Company, Address, etc).

If people are registering after the event is complete, one possible recommendation would be to have the registration landing page redirect to another landing page after the event has either initiated or completed, which provides people the opportunity to register for subsequent events. This way people that attempt to register for the event after it has concluded will not be able to do so, but they will be provided the option to register for future events. This will prevent people from trying to register for an event that has ended and closed, preventing future 403 errors. This doc walks through how you can do this:


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ReadyTalk integration users

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