Re-Sending Emails 'Blocked By Communication Limits'


A recent email send resulted in a number of leads specifically blocked by Communication Limits, as seen within the Results or Lead Activity Log. What are the re-sending options?


The Marketo Application does not offer any automatic re-sending/rescheduling functions within the campaign.

If communication limits are low, and records are blocked from being sent emails, you may need to adjust the limits or set the necessary programs or campaigns to ignore communication limits.

Enable/Disable Communication Limits in an Email Program

Apply Communication Limits to Smart Campaign - you would need to undo this process in this case.

Even if the records were not sent the email because of Communication Limits, they would still be made members of the campaign or program.  If you were going to try to re-send these records that were blocked due to communication limits you could try this Filter combination:

  • Member of Smart Campaign/Member of Program


  • Not Was Sent Email


Those 2 filters will show you the members that were not sent the email, and then you could re-send them at a later time.

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