Program Status in RCE not sorted the same way as setup in Program Channel


When building 'Program Membership Analysis' reports in RCE, the Program Status is not sorted according to the step values in the Program Channel.

For example in the below screenshot:

User-added image

The value of the steps are clearly showing the progression of statuses from start to finish.


However when building a 'Program Membership Analysis' report, it is showing that the order of the status is not correct.

User-added image

'New Member (Influenced)' should be appearing after 'Subscribed by Form - Non Member.'



Make sure that you do not have any other Programs Channels with the same Status, as this will cause issues. There is a deduplication that occurs in the backend which causes an issue when a 'Program Membership Analysis' report is created, if there is more than one Program Channel that has the same Program Status it will deduplicate and the one displayed might be due to the lower step.


Another issue that might happen also due to having more than one occurance of Program Status in other Program Channels is that other Program Statuses might appear in the report due to this.



We currently do not support having more than one Program Status appear in the Program Channels, each Program Status has to be unqiue or issues with displaying Program Statuses will appear.