Program Member Custom Field Data Not Syncing To SFDC Campaign Members


Program member custom fields are not syncing data to Salesforce campaign member fields even though they are mapped. In this setup, the sync for Campaign Members is being performed by 'Add to SFDC Campaign' or 'Change Status in SFDC' flow-steps, but the Program itself is not set to sync with an SFDC Campaign.


SFDC Integration


This is the expected behavior, as the program member custom fields will only sync data to campaign member fields when the Salesforce Campaign Sync is setup for the Instance/Program in question.

Using flow steps to sync SFDC Campaign Members will not carry over data for Program Member Custom Fields.


Root Cause

SFDC Campaign Sync is not enabled.


Enable/Disable Campaign Sync
Enable/Disable Campaign Sync | Adobe Marketo Engage


Program Member Custom Field Sync
Program Member Custom Field Sync | Adobe Marketo Engage

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