Before sending a Marketo email, you can preview it in order to ensure accuracy and the correct design. In Design Studio, find the email in the tree. Clicking on the email opens the Details page for that email. Click Preview Email to see the email as recipients will see it. You can also preview an email from the Email Actions dropdown menu.




The Previewer provides a highly accurate rendition of your email. You can even preview every possible combination of content that can be generated using Dynamic Content and lead data brought in by tokens.


For emails using Dynamic Content, you can send multiple versions of a test email at one time, up to 100 emails all sent to one specific email destination. If you are using the View Lead Details option, you can use a list you select. The list can be created expressly for this purpose. If the list is longer than 100 leads in length, only the first 100 leads will be used.


Marketo creates variations using the content you specify for the Segments that leads belong to; tokens are also resolved. This allows you to see exactly what your users will see when they receive the email, even when you use multiple Segmentations in a single email.


Note: If the email, and the campaign that sends it, are in the same Program, each My Token will resolve to the value appropriate to that Program. However, if the email and the campaign are in different Programs, the My Token resolves differently depending on how the email is sent. For sending test emails and single flow actions, the My Token resolves to the value appropriate to theemail’s Program; for emails sent by campaigns, the My Token resolves to the value appropriate to the campaign’s Program.

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Use the Previewer


To preview an email, find it, then follow these steps:


1.   In Marketo Lead Management, choose the Design Studio tab. Look at the tree on the left-hand side of your screen.

rtaImage (1).png

2.   In the tree, click the + next to Emails. A list of landing pages opens.


3.   In the tree, click the email you want to use. Details appear for the email.

rtaImage (2).png

4.   Click the button, Preview Email.  The Previewer opens.

rtaImage (3).png

5.   Inspect the page carefully.


6.   If you find problems, click Preview Actions, and choose Launch Editor. You can then fix problems in the Email Designer.


7.   If you used Dynamic Content, the version shown is the Default for all Segmentations used by the email. To view other versions, choose View by Segment from the pull-down; use the left and right arrows, and the Segment pull-down in the top right corner, to view each combination of Segments. The version of the email reflecting each combination of Segments displays.


8.   If you used Tokens or Dynamic Content, and you want to see how the email will render for a set of preselected leads, choose View by Lead Detail from the pull-down, then choose a list from the pull-down in the dialog box which appears; use the left and right arrows, and the pull-down, to step through the leads. The email updates with information for that lead.


9.   To send a test email, for any version of the email, bring that email onscreen in the Previewer; then, click Send Test. That version of the email will be sent as a test email. Tokens at the global level will be resolved; My Tokens – tokens that are a local asset to a Program – will not.


10.  When finished, close the Previewer.

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