Personalized URLs Are Not Working for Form Pre-fill


You have developed a Marketo landing page and enabled Personalized URLs (PURLs) for your records but when people visit the PURL, form pre-fill does not take place.



When a person visits a PURL landing page, the form pre-fill checks their Munchkin tracking cookie to identify what values to populate for the form fields. If that person has a Munchkin tracking cookie associated to a known record in the database, it will pull and populate the information from that record. However, if this is the first time this person has visited a Munchkin tracked page or their browser is tied to an anonymous record, the pre-fill will not populate any information into the form. The customer/prospect will need to fill out a form or click on a tracked link in an email sent from Marketo. This will allow future PURLs that people visit going forward will have pre-fill populate as their cookie will be tied to a known record in the database.

The web page visit will be associated back to the know record for the PURL. Additionally, you can also use Person related tokens on the landing page and those will resolve. For examples having the token in the text that states {{lead.First Name:default=Default}} within the body of the landing page will populate with the expected persons first name for the PURL they visited. This is because the token generation goes through a different path on the back end for PURLs.