New 'Add to SFDC Campaign' Activities From Prior Years Syncing Down


Recent Activities are shown in Lead Activity Log for being added to an SFDC Campaign, however this campaign may have occurred a significant time in the past.


A common reason for this occurring is a deleted record in SFDC was restored, so the past activities are coming down to Marketo as if they happened recently.

The root cause is that the SysModStamp for one of the object records (Campaign, Campaign Member, Campaign Member Status) for the record was updated, so, in the perspective of the Sync User, the newly updated (recent SysModStamp time) record needs to be queued up to be synced.

If this is causing some unintended Marketo Trigger Campaign activity, we advise that active Trigger Campaigns be reviewed to make sure that past campaigns are deactivated, and only relevant campaigns are currently active.