My Import/Export Is Going to Take a Long Time, Do I Have to Stay Logged in Until It Completes?

My export is going to take a long time, do I have to stay logged in until it completes?

Thankfully no, once you get your Import or Export started, you can log out, go grab some coffee or go home and the process will continue.


When you start the export process, you can close out of Marketo, later in the day or the following day you can log back into Marketo, find the same SmartList or StaticList you ran the export from, select it, click on List Actions and choose "Show Export Status". The Export dropdown will show up and assuming it is finished, the download link will be available.

1. Find and Click on the SmartLists or StaticList:

2. Click on List Actions then "Show Export Status":

3. The dropdown will pop open in the top right hand corner with the export status or the download link:



Similarly, you can get an Import started, when you choose the CSV and begin the process the first step is for the file to get uploaded to our server where it will be further processed and imported into the database. Once the file is uploaded and the import process begins, you can close out of Marketo and come back to check on the status in the future instead of staying logged in the entire time.

In a similar manner to checking export status, you can click the StaticList you are importing into as follows:

1. Find and Click the SmartList or StaticList you are Importing into:

2. Click on List Actions then "Show Import Status":

3. The dropdown will pop open in the top right hand corner.

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