My CSV Export has Characters That Don't Display in Excel

Your CSV exports with special characters (like foreign languages) may look funny when you open them in Excel.  This is due to a known problem in Excel; it does not correctly handle those characters if you open the CSV directly.

First, try these instructions to export your CSV file in Excel 2007 format:

Export a list

If that export is formatted incorrectly, try the following:

  1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet
  2. Open the Import External Data feature:
    • in Excel 2003 or earlier. open the Data menu, pick Import External Data, then pick Import Data
    • in Excel 2007, open the Data tab and pick From Text
  3. Pick the file you want to import.  The data import wizard will open
  4. In the dialog, select Delimited, then under File Origin pick "Unicode (UTF-8)" then click Next
  5. Select Comma and uncheck the other options. Click Next.
  6. Click Finish
  7. Follow the remaining steps and place the imported data in your spreadsheet

Your data should now look correct.

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