MS Dynamics Initial Sync Gives Privilege Error


Initial MS Dynamics sync gives the error 'is missing prvReadSdkMessageProcessingStep privilege'



  • MS Dynamics CRM integration


Issue Resolution

These permissions, found within Security Role, require a Microsoft Dynamics Admin to set and change.,
  1. Navigate to Settings > System > Security and select Security Roles icon.
  2. Click on the Marketo Sync User to bring up the individual access level for each individual entity.

For the sync to work the individual privileges are as follows:

Under 'Core Records':

User-added image


Under 'Customisation':

User-added image


Under 'Custom Entities': Any role with Marketo needs to have all permissions.

User-added image



More information on Managing Users and Security Roles can be found on the Microsoft Dynamics Site:




Root Cause

The error indicates the Marketo Sync User in Dynamics lacks some of the required permissions for the sync.

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