Merging Person Records Disconnects Marketo Custom Object Record


Issue Description
After merging Person Records in Marketo, the Marketo Custom Object that was present on one of the duplicate records is now missing.




Issue Resolution

Marketo Custom Objects (CO) Records are linked with Person Records by a set link field value.

We will see CO records disconnect from merged duplicate person records when the record linked with the CO record is merged into the winning Marketo person record.

For example, Person Record B is linked with a CO record. Person Record B is merged with Person Record A, and Record A is designated as the 'winner' of any conflicts and remains after the merge. The CO record is now disconnected. 

The solution is that the CO record needs to be reconnected to the intended remaining person record after the merge. The solution can be applied before or after the merge. 

Before the merge:  The person records need to be reconciled so that the one remaining after the merge has the link field value, and the CO record needs to be reimported into the Marketo instance. The CO record should now be reassociated with the person record. 

After the merge: Confirm the remaining person record has the appropriate link field value, and then reimport the CO record into Marketo. The CO record should now be reassociated with the person record. 


Who This Solution Applies To
Clients with Marketo Custom Objects