Members Failing to Sync Between SFDC Campaign and Marketo Program


Your SFDC Campaign is synced to a Marketo Program but leads that are added to the SFDC Campaign are not showing up as members of the Marketo Program.


Take the following steps to troubleshoot this issue:
  1. Log into Salesforce using the Marketo Sync credentials.
  2. Confirm that the SFDC Campaign is visible to the Marketo Sync user. If it is not visible, this will cause the sync to fail.
  3. Confirm the members of the SFDC Campaign are visible to the Marketo Sync user. Marketo cannot sync leads it cannot see.
  4. Compare the member statuses of the SFDC Campaign to the statuses of the Marketo Program. The sync will only work for statuses that match exactly.

For example, if the statuses for your SFDC Campaign are

  • Invited
  • Registered
  • Attended

but the statuses for your Marketo Program are

  • Invited
  • Attended

then none of the leads in SFDC with a campaign status of "Registered" will be added to the membership of the Marketo Program. To resolve this, make sure that all statuses match between the campaign and the program. You may need to force an update on the leads to re-queue the sync.