Member Status Incompatibility When They Appear to Match in Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign


Sometimes you may get this error when trying to sync a Marketo Program to an SFDC Campaign -  "Not allowed: Salesforce campaign contains incompatible statuses", even though the statuses match in the Marketo program and SFDC campaign.


Check for the statuses in the Marketo program channel and SFDC campaign - you will see the same statuses.

This error occurs if there is any case-sensitive error in the statuses.

For example, if your Marketo program has the following statuses: Attended, Registered, Unable to Attend and the SFDC campaign has Attended, Registered, Unable to attend. Then you will encounter the above error.

You have to change the status in Marketo as "Unable to attend" or change the status in SFDC Campaign as "Unable to Attend"  in order to fix this.



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