Supported CRMs


Marketo has out-of-the-box, bi-directional sync support for the following CRMs:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, On-Premises and CRM 2013


Boomi Connector


Through our partnership with Boomi, you can sync other CRMs to your Marketo system through one of their connectors.  Contact your account executive or the Marketo sales team to learn more about this.

Unsupported CRMs


If you use an unsupported CRMs, here are the methods we have available for your integration:


Review the following articles to use a CSV spreadsheet to import and export leads from Marketo:

Import leads from a spreadsheet into Marketo
Export a list

Custom Fields

If you contact the Marketo Success Team, we can set up custom fields for your account as you need them.

Send Alert

Using the Send Alert flow step, you can inform your sales team, using email, about noteworthy events, including a link to the lead's details.  You can also format your emails with XML so they can be automatically processed by your system.

Using Send Alert

Munchkin JavaScript API

If you have web development resources, you can use our JavaScript API to integrate your web forms with Marketo.

Munchkin JavaScript API


If you have programmers available, you can integrate our SOAP API to retrieve and update leads among other functionality.

Marketo SOAP API

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