Marketo Sales Insight in SFDC is not sending email to people as expected

Issue Description
When sending an email from Sales Insight it looks as though it has been sent as expected, but the person to whom the email was addressed never received the message, nor can it be found via the Was Sent Sales Email filter in a Smart Campaign.


Issue Resolution
Sales Insight for SFDC will not send to people who have a status of Email Invalid, Marketing Suspended or are Unsubscribed. Please validate that the person you are trying to send to does not have these statuses. As well, Sales Insight emails can be sent to groups up to 200 people.  Any more and your send will not process.


If the person's statuses are as expected and the group was less than 200 people, please contact Marketo Support to troubleshoot further.


Note: The Sales Insight plugins for Outlook and Gmail will send emails to leads regardless of Unsubscribed, Email Invalid, or Marketing Suspended status.




Who This Solution Applies To
Customers using Sales Insight for Salesforce

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