You are experiencing slow processing of campaigns, smart lists, and reports.




There are three key components that can slow down an instance:

Number of trigger campaigns: Trigger campaigns are always on, always listening.  If there are 50 campaigns triggering at the same time, all the 50 triggers will be in queue, slowing down your processing and routing inside Marketo.

  • Solution:
    • Reduce the number of Triggers.
    • Convert some of the triggers to batches: Batches also run all the flow steps for every lead at once, instead of serially, which reduces total processing time.


Complexity of smart lists: The more complex a smart list, the harder it is for the system to figure it out, which increases backend processing and even creates campaign failures from timeouts.

  • Solution:
    • Reduce the number of nested smart lists called in a smart list. Whenever you ask Marketo to call another Smart List, it has to wait until all of the other smart lists finish, before putting together the final counts.
    • Instead of Marketo looking for the list and running it, just put the filters in the trigger itself.


Volume of Leads: With regular cleaning and good systems design, it is fairly easy to keep your system running fast. Reduce the number of leads that can flow through with filters. Clean up the inactive leads at regular intervals.