Marketo Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Guide

Current Microsoft Dynamics Version

New Microsoft Dynamics Version

Requires a New Marketo Instance

On-Premise 2016/365 (Version 😎

On-Premise (Version 9)


On-Premise 2013, 2015, 2016/365 (Version 😎

Online (Version 9)


Online 2016 (Version 😎

Online (Version 9)


Migrating from any Microsoft Dynamics version (On-premise or online) to a custom integration will require a new Marketo instance since the Account and Opportunity tables are locked and there is no tool or solution to unlock them.

*If a customer is moving to a new on-premise version they will need to move to a new Marketo instance if they plan to update GUIDs and Service Org URL. If the GUIDs and Service Org URL will both stay the same they can use the same Marketo instance.

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