Marketo Foundation Virtual FAQ

If you have registered for Marketo Foundation Virtual or Classroom or other live training or workshop sessions, and have not yet received a confirmation or are having difficulty accessing a session, here are some things to check:

Q: When did you register?
A: Registration closes the Friday before the Monday class start, or when the class is full, whichever comes first. You will NOT be able to register the morning of a class; we recommend registering at least a week ahead of time.

Q: Does Marketo send a “you cannot Register” note?
A: The course catalog indicates that the course is full once all registrants are approved and all seats taken. You will not be Registered if the course is full. However, we often receive more registrations than available seats before we've approved all registrations. In that case, you will receive a message from us indicating that the course is full and a link to the next available class.

Q: I've registered. How do I know my Registration is confirmed?
A: You are only fully registered for a course once you have received your confirmation email. If you have not received your confirmation email within two business days of your registration, it is possible that you did not complete your registration (all required fields must be filled out, and the form fully submitted). If that is the case, please attempt to re-register. If your registration is accepted, you will receive your confirmation email within two business days.

Q: Where is my confirmation email?
A: If you have not received confirmation or reminder messages from GoToTraining within one business day of the start of your session, please check your email's spam and/or quarantine folders. The message will come from us, but the sender email is certain that this email address is on your approved senders list.

Q: Do I get a different meeting link for each day of class?

A: You'll use the same meeting link for all the sessions in that week.

Q: Can I share the training meeting URL link with others in my organization?
A: The link is unique to you. Please do not forward or share it. If someone else uses your session link before you do, you will be locked out and will be unable to attend that day's session. However, you can use a single access in a conference room setting if you wish to use the session as a group learning within your company. Note that if you choose this method, only the registrant will show in our records as having attended the course.

Q: I have followed the link for my session, but it won't start.
A: On occasion, the GoToTraining utility will freeze when it's loading. Make sure that you have java enabled on your browser. We find that Firefox is the most stable browser to use with GoToTraining. If your session does not fully load after a few minutes, you may need to restart it. If it still does not load completely, please contact GoToTraining support through their support site:

Q: I need to attend my sessions over different weeks. How do I register?
A: Currently, you'll need to register for each week you're interested in attending, even if only attending a portion of the course.

Q: When is the next course?
A: See for all upcoming dates for Marketo Foundation Build Workshop live online sessions.

Q: I want to take the 5th module (on demand). Where is it?
A: Module 5 is covered in two parts: