You may need to have multiple CNAMEs to brand your landing pages for different product lines or company divisions. We recommend that all CNAMEs be on the same domain since cookies do not travel across domains. A good example would be:


If you absolutely need the domains to be different that is fine, just keep in mind that you will have to run a tagging campaign to every single domain to ensure that all activity across all domains are being tracked under the same lead in Marketo. This would look something like this:


Before you begin adding multiple CNAMEs in Marketo your IT staff will need to create the CNAME records on your domain(s) DNS. See Customize Your Landing Page URLs With a CNAME to have your IT staff create the records and to set the first CNAME.

Once that has been completed you can add your additional CNAMEs as Domain Aliases.


Go to Admin then click on Landing Pages.


Click on New then New Domain Alias.

rtaImage (1).png

Enter your Domain Alias and click on Use non-Marketo Landing Page if you want to set the default page to an external one.

rtaImage (2).png

Enter your Default Page and click Create.

rtaImage (3).png

Nice job! Now all your Marketo landing pages can be pulled up from two different URLs, in this example:

rtaImage (4).png


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