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Your Premier Support entitlement has been enhanced with a Premier Success Team. Now, your Named Support Engineer is part of a 5-member Premier Success Team whose members work in concert to provide a full range of complementary skills. All your Premier support features remain intact (Mentoring Sessions, Accelerated SLAs, etc), but now your Named Support Engineer will be backed by a focused team of Premier Support Engineers to deliver world-class support tailored to meet the needs of your account.


Each team is led by two Lead Support Engineers, and aided by three Premier Support Engineers. With a larger team, your engineers can specialize in specific knowledge areas, and we can connect you with our most senior engineers for your half-yearly instance reviews and mentor sessions. This will help to increase case resolution speed, decrease escalations, and elevate your overall support experience.

Your Team


Matthew Smith, Senior Technical Support Engineer

Matt is a Certified MCE who has been working with Marketo Support since 2015. He is passionate about his customer's success and takes pride in building the relationships that help them succeed. Matt is an expert in the Core Marketo features as well as focused on CRM integrations and Sales Insight.

In his free time Matt likes spend time with his two young boys and play board games and do puzzles with friends and family.

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Francisco Echavarria, Senior Technical Support Engineer

Francisco is MCE certified and has been working with Marketo Support since 2015. He’s working on the frontlines providing triage support, Tier 2 support, and is now co-captain of Team Alpha. Francisco is a subject matter expert in CRM integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, API, and Sales Insight.

While away from work Francisco spends most of his free time with his two young kids trying to stop them from burning down his house.


Nicholas Wood, Technical Support Engineer

Nick has been a member of Team Alpha since Fall 2017, and has been recognized by peers and customers alike for his desire to help our clients succeed.  His patience and resourcefulness are a vital part of what makes him a valuable member of this team.  He is skilled in the Marketo core features, as well as a focus on Email Deliverability.

Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter, hiking, and trips to the coast.


Tyler Coleman, Technical Support Engineer

Tyler has worked in IT and technical support since 2014 and joined Marketo in July 2017. He previously provided technical support for a small business and a university. Tyler has extensive experience with web development, and has worked with a variety of programming languages including HTML/CSS, Javascript/Jquery, C++, python and more. Tyler is a subject matter expert in the REST API, email & landing page templates. During his free time, Tyler enjoys exploring wilderness and learning new skills and hobbies such as Yo-Yoing, juggling, painting, photography, and robotics.

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Dylan Paris, Associate Technical Support Engineer

Dylan has been working in technical support and IT since 2014 and has been a part of Marketo Support since 2018. He brings experience in multiple support fields, with an emphasis on helping customers find quick and accurate solutions to their technical issues.

When not on the clock, Dylan spends his time producing music and trying to get good at Super Smash Bros.