Leads not showing up in Workspaces & Partitions

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If you have multiple workspaces in your Marketo Instance, your campaigns and smart lists may not pull the leads you would expect. If a lead partition is not visible to the workspace you are working in, there's no way for the smart list to "see" those leads in that partition.

For more information about Workspaces and Partitions, check out Understanding Workspaces and Person Partitions



Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this, you need to enable access for the specific lead partition to the workspace you are working in. This makes sure the workspace can "see" the leads and get them into your smart list or campaign results.


1. Under Admin, click on Workspaces & Partitions.



2. Select your Workspace and click Edit Workspace.





3. Edit the workspace and add check marks for all partitions that this workspace should be able to access.





4. Click the Save button. Your campaigns should now be able to access the leads in that partition and reflect the leads expected.

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