Landing Page Not Selectable as a Web Page Constraint Value for Fills Out Form Trigger


Issue Description
Landing Page is not selectable as a Web Page constraint value for a Fills Out Form trigger.


Issue Resolution
  • Check if Landing Page is Approved
  • Check if Landing Page is within the same workspace as the Smart Campaign with the Fills Out Form trigger [Note: this condition is only applicable if there are workspaces within the instance]
  • Check if Landing Page is NOT within an archived folder
  • Check if Landing Page has a form associated with it. If not, then it will not appear as a selectable option as Web Page constraint. While it is possible that a form can be inserted directly into the HTML of the landing page template, the landing page will not be associated with the form in this way.

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For a Landing Page to be a selectable option as a Web Page constraint it must be associated with a form by inserting the form to the landing page via the UI as illustrated in our docs below:

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