Keep SFDC Fields or Records Out of Marketo

Say you want to keep specific Salesforce fields or records from syncing into Marketo. You can use Salesforce Profiles to restrict access to that data.



In short, Marketo will only sync fields and records that are visible to the sync account in Salesforce. If you don't want records or fields brought into Marketo, use the record- and field-level permissions to prevent the sync account from seeing them.

A few notes before you begin...

  • Depending on your version of Salesforce, you may not be able to change these settings. For example, field-level security is available only in Enterprise and Unlimited editions.
  • This will require you to make changes in Salesforce on the account you use to sync with Marketo. If this account is also used by anyone else, these changes will impact that person's view in Salesforce too.
  • You need administrator access in Salesforce to make these changes.
  • If you hide a field in Salesforce that has already been synced to Marketo, it will still display in the Marketo user interface until you hide it with the Field Management tool. Even though you'll still see the field in Marketo, changes to that field will not get pushed to Salesforce.




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