I sent this email campaign a while ago. Why am I only getting notification of the blocklist issue now, and am I still blocklisted?

Processing feedback from the blocklists is a manual process for Marketo’s Compliance team. While we try to get the reports out to you on a daily basis, sometimes we get backlogged and notifications may not go out the same day that you triggered the blocklist.


But not to worry: most blocklists are dynamic, meaning that they resolve themselves after a given time period or when email statistics improve. Typically blocklist issues are resolved after 24 hours, so chances are you are not still being blocklisted.


Still, you need to complete the blocklist remediation program to identify the source of the problem and ensure that this doesn’t happen again. While most blocklist issues resolve themselves, they can have a noticeable impact on deliverability. Furthermore, being blocklisted is an indication that you have a problematic data source in your lists that could lead to even bigger deliverability problems.


For a quick run down of the blocklists that our customers run into trouble with the most, visit our Top Blocklists article.


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