How URL Patterns Work in Predictive Content


Image: Step Flow for Predictive Content for Web and Email

What are Content URL Patterns?

This post explains the first part of the flow image above: the discovery and tracking of content for the Predictive Content app. During the setup phase, the marketer defines their content URL patterns (See Create Content Patterns for more information), in order for Marketo to discover HTML content (e.g., blog posts, press release, news articles) across a domain. Setting URL patterns allows Marketo to auto-discover content when a web visitor clicks on the HTML web page within the content pattern. This content is then added to the All Content page in Predictive Content.

Setting up URL Patterns

  1. Go to User Profile > Content Settings > URL Patterns. (For more information, see the Getting Started doc: Getting Started with Predictive Content)


Image: URL Patterns Page


Rules for Content URL Patterns

  1. Use of a wildcard (*) is permitted throughout the expression.
    • e.g.,*  or*blog*
  2. It's recommended to use /* at end of the expression to continue pattern discovery.
    • e.g.,* to discover all your blog posts in the blog folder
  3. Content Patterns are not case sensitive.
    • URL Pattern: "*" will discover all HTML pages on "" and ""
  4. Parameters in URLs are not discovered.
    • Auto-content discovery removes the URL parameters in order to avoid discovering the same content URL multiple time with different parameters.


Examples of Content URL Patterns


DomainURL PatternTypeResult

Discovers all your content that matches the pattern



Discovers all your content that matches the pattern


Discovers any URL that contains the word "datasheets"



Only one HTML page is discovered:

Example: Exact

If the domain is selected and the URL expression left empty, the URL pattern will discover only the home page


sub.domain.comblog/*PatternDiscovers all your html pages in the folder blog only on the sub domain