How to Use Campaign ID to obtain Program ID with API Calls


Issue Description
How to Pull Data for Program ID, similarly to Campaign ID.

(Example): Pull Individual Program Activity Data, then join Data with Programs via Program ID.



Issue Resolution
[Note]: You can not get the Program directly from the Activity Endpoint.

- After one has obtained the Smart Campaign ID, they can use a seperate API Call to get the Program ID.

- Within the Get Activity API Call, there will be a Campaign ID.

- Once this has been obtained, one can make a Get Campaign API Call with that Campaign ID and it will return the Program ID.

[Get Activity]:

> Use this [Get Activity - URL] to Obtain Campaign ID.

[Get Campaign, with the ID]:

> Use this [Get Campaign, with the ID - URL] to Obtain Program ID.!/Campai...

The Program ID is not something that is returned in an Activity Call.

The above method is the quickest possible way to obtain that information.

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API Users

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