How To to Identify a Unique Relationships between Opportunities and Programs

Marketo recommends keeping the FT (First Touch) and MT (Multi-Touch) in separate reports .   Though they are attribution metrics, FT and MT use different measures to derive pipeline and revenue attribution.  One should not try to compare FT and MT metrics and having them in the same reports may cause confusion.


Step 1In RCE, Program Opportunity Analysis, identify the Program and Opportunity of interest. 

  • If verifying FT, pull in relevant FT metrics. Ditto for MT.
  • Also pull in Opportunity Closed and Opportunity Stage.  The combination will tell you if the status of opportunity (open, won, lost)  - which does affect attribution.


Step 2For the opportunity, find out the lead(s) associated to that opportunity and opportunity create/close date, status information.

  • One way is to get this information is to do so in SFDC.  In SFDC, search for that Opportunity and scroll down to the Contact Role section to identify the associated leads (contact).  Other opportunity information should also be available.
  • Another way is in RCE, Opportunity Analysis area.  Filter Opportunity Name to the opportunity of interest.  Pull in # of Opportunities and Lead Name.  You can also find out oppty create/closed date, status in this area.


Step 3Find out acquisition and success status/dates for the leads in the program

  • In Marketing Activities, go to the program and click on Member.
  • Search for the lead by name.
  • The column Acquired By and Success will tell you if the lead is acquired by the program and/or achieved success, respectively.
  • If the lead is acquired, to get Acquisition Date for this lead, in the lead grid, choose column Acquisition Date
  • If the lead achieved success, to get Success date:
    • Go to Lead details, click on Activity Log tab
    • Search for program name and filter on activity type 'Change Status in Progression'
    • Locate the FIRST success activity when a lead changed to a successful status.  RCA only counts the first success.  The activity date is the success date.


Step 4Evaluate if program is qualified for attribution for the program


The combination of Acquisition program/date, success status/date, opportunity create/close dates and opportunity status will help determine FT/MT attribution.  The rules of attributions is documented in Product Docs.

With all the information gathered, you can now determine if the program is qualified for attribution for this opportunity.  Again, this technique is to verify if the program should get some attribution and doesn't necessarily give you the exact units and dollars.