How to Sync Leads to Salesforce without Assigning a Lead Owner


Lead owners are required when syncing a lead to Salesforce, but is there a way we can sync them without assigning a lead owner? Yes there is, and it's called lead queues!




How to do it:
  • Lead queues must be set up in Salesforce first. Like lead owners, the queues must be visible to the Marketo Sync user before they can be selected.
  • Select the lead queue you want leads to be assigned to in the 'Sync Lead to SFDC' or 'Change Lead Owner' flow steps.
  • Qualified leads that pass through this flow step with then be synced to Salesforce and assigned to the lead queue rather than a lead owner.

A few important notes:

  • Only leads can be assigned to a lead queue, contacts cannot and must be assigned an owner.
  • Assignment rules in Salesforce can conflict with the request sent from Marketo. Double check these assignment rules to make sure there are no conflicts.


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