How to Retain Previous Values in a Field While Adding New Values


You have a field (e.g. Most Recent Website Visit) that you want to see previous values for without needing to look through the activity log.


This can be done using a few custom fields, and one trigger campaign. Make duplicates of the field you want to see most recent values of (e.g. Most Recent Website Visit 1, Most Recent Website Visit 2, etc.) while still keeping the original field. Use the original field as you previously have, but set a trigger campaign to look for data value changes to that field. In the flow of that campaign, set the logic like so:


(1) Change Data Value: Most Recent Website Visit 3 new value: {{lead.Most Recent Website Visit 2}}

(2) Change Data Value: Most Recent Website Visit 2 new value: {{lead.Most Recent Website Visit 1}}

(3) Change Data Value: Most Recent Website Visit 1 new value: {{lead.Most Recent Website Visit}}


Using the above flow, the most recent values for the field can be checked without looking into an activity log. This can be useful in a number of ways, for example this information could be included in an email or alert. Another example, if the primary field (in the above example it is Most Recent Website Visit) is updated to a value that it should not have, then you can setup another campaign to update Most Recent Website Visit using the value in Most Recent Website visit 2 to restore the previous value.


Warning Please Note: The above process can be somewhat resource intensive (particularly if a large number of records trigger the campaign at close to the same time), this should be done with as few fields as possible to assure good instance health overall.