How to Notify Sales When Their Contacts or Leads Have Invalid Email Addresses (Video)

This comes from Alex Pelletier.  Thank you, Alex!

Here is a typical scenario:

Marketing is sending email campaigns and some emails are bouncing back. Marketing would like to give visibility to sales on which of their leads bounced.

Why should sales care about invalid email addresses?

Most of the time, email addresses are bouncing because the person left the company. So knowing that suddenly one of your lead has left the company is a good opportunity to reengage with this account. Sales could call to find out who replace the person that left and and create a new lead.

On the other hand, for your clients, if suddenly your internal champion leaves the company, you want to make sure you reach out to the account to help them continue to use your product. The last thing you want is to lose an account because someone left the company and you were not aware.

Now you can do it easily using Marketo and!

Watch this 4 minutes tutorial video to learn how to setup properly both Marketo and