How to check if an SFDC sync user can see a field

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If you've ever had trouble getting a field or field value to sync between Salesforce and Marketo, the most common problem is that the Salesforce sync user doesn't have permissions to access that field.


Since different users have different permissions to access fields based on their roles, not every field or record is visible to every user. However, there can be cases when a user needs access to fields which are not accessible. For example, if a program needs to be tested but the field is not accessible, or the user may have been simply missed from the permissions. In such cases, you can check whether the sync user can see that field.



Use Sync User Login

To find if your sync user has permissions to access the field, check the Salesforce integration ID. Navigate to Admin > Salesforce and check the Credentials. This will give you the login ID. Your Salesforce Admin should have the password for that login ID.




Next, log into your CRM using those SFDC sync user credentials.




Navigate to the lead/contact record.




Check to see if the field shows on the lead record. If the field is not visible, that means that your sync user does not have permissions enable to access that field.




Check Field Level Security

If the field isn't visible, we need to check the Field Level Security for the fields. This is where the fields will be listed with checkboxes indicating whether the field is to be accessible or not.


1. Go to Setup.




2. Navigate to your Profile.




3. Go to the section “Field Permissions.



Here you’ll be able to see the fields and their corresponding permissions. Restricted permissions could be a reason why the SFDC sync user cannot see a field or record. Therefore, you may need to make changes here to allow permissions to view it.