Issue Description
Is there a way I can populate a field with the system date token, plus a certain amount of days? ie. Change Data Value = Date + X days.


Issue Resolution
As long as the field type is date or datetime, you can add simple syntax in the Change Data Value flow step to accomplish this: {{}} + X days.

Data change flow step showing syntax of adding 20 days

This is for times that you would like a date immediately populated for purposes such as sending an email; "Thanks for signing up to our 20 day trial, you have access to this content until the [use lead token populated by the date + x syntax here]..."

*note that a wait step of a few minutes might be needed before an email send to ensure the field has time to get populated.

Other times, when immediate action is not required and/or a field type is not date/datetime, you could use a Wait Flow step before a Data Value change:

1. Wait X days

2. Change Data Value = {{}}